Omnom Sea Salted Almonds + Milk 45%

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I’m sure you all know me enough by now that you could guess that my obsession with Omnom’s art remains. I love this package specifically for the fact that when you move the sleeve, you uncover a wolf among the sheep. They didn’t even know what was coming, those poor sheep! Even more ironic is that the foil surrounding this sheep themed bar is printed with the Omnom wolf logo. If the milk in this bar comes from sheep, I am even more thoroughly amused.
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Truthfully, I’m normally not one to delve into the tastings of a milk chocolate bar, but it was the use of Icelandic milk in this one that pulled me in. Being somewhat unfamiliar with fine milk chocolate, I am surprised by the light color of this bar. It is confirmed that I live in the abyss of a dark chocolate world.
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The soft roasted almonds make it difficult to thoughtfully ponder the different tasting notes like I usually do. Instead I find that I’m devouring this just as a child would a candy bar. One quick bite after another. It tastes of malt and an exotic milk flavor that makes me think of barns, hay, and stinky, furry animals roaming around the beautiful Iceland pastures. (In a good way.) The sea salt isn’t on or in the chocolate, but is coating the almonds themselves. The cacao beans are from Madagascar, something I would have never picked up with the inclusions conflicting my palate. But now that I know they’re Madagascar beans, I get it, and I like it. This is a tasty bar and it’s going quickly.

Emily Koons