Crio Bru & Durci Chocolate Factory Tour

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We had a wonderful time gathering at the Durci Chocolate and Crio Bru factory for last month's Utah Chocolate Society meeting.

The Utah Chocolate Society has grown so large that only a small percentage (30 of us) made the tour list with our quick RSVP. Craft Chocolate is popular here in Utah.

Scott from Solstice and Art from Amano also joined us.

Eric and Cassandra Durtschi shared their amazing chocolate story and we toured the facility.

We then molded and created our own Durci bars with chocolate that hasn't been released yet so we feel special!

We also did some chocolate and cheese pairings, and ate a lot of Durci treats.

We always have such a fantastic time with other chocolate nerds and love spending time at the factory!


Emily Koons