Original Beans Cru Virunga 70%

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Your Cru Virunga bar starts out around the oldest National Park in Africa and the home of the last mountain gorillas on Earth. This region has seen centuries of exploitation and decennia of war. It is one of the poorest places in the world, but thanks to Virunga cacao, over the past years incomes from one hectare of land have doubled to $1000 per year. This may mean that a family can send one of eight of their children to school, or give a man the opportunity to buy a bike for work and food transport. And because of Original Beans’ One Bar : One Tree initiative, they are also restoring the area’s ecosystem to protect the mountain gorillas from extinction. Now THAT is a chocolate company I can get behind.
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Sometimes when I eat fine chocolate it tastes like, well, just good plain chocolatey chocolate. This bar was one of those until I popped in some raw cacao nibs to awaken my palate. Upon doing so I found the lively Morello cherries they listed as a tasting note for this bar. Luckily I had just tried some incredible Morello cherries for the first time at the Salt Lake Farmer's Market, and was able to correlate. Black tea also made a strong appearance after a second tasting. This chocolate is easy to love and because of all the conservation efforts of Original Beans, I will buy and buy and buy their chocolate, and spread the word like wildfire.
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Fun side note: In regards to cacao, the famous gorilla expert Dian Fossey reported that its plain seed is too bitter for man. "But the fruits of this tree are highly favored by gorillas”

Emily Koons