Solstice Uganda Bundibugyo 70%

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Solstice Chocolate is a premier American Artisan Chocolate maker located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their award winning bean-to-bar chocolate is hand- crafted from the finest organic cacao from around the world. Their chocolate is also certified gluten-free and vegan.
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Bundibugyo (boon-dē-boo-jō) is part of the flourishing growth of cacao farming in Uganda. These beans come from once coffee farmers that switched to cacao, and we are so glad that they did. With the rise of quality chocolate makers around the world, farming cacao has become a more viable industry for the farmer.
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This bar tastes so distinctly of saltine cracker, it’s crazy. What a unique tasting note for chocolate to have. The packaging and some websites state that you’ll find flavors of berries (blackberry) and tree fruit (fig), but to me, it’s overwhelmingly saltine cracker. It’s yeasty and bread-like with the aroma and finish of a dry, bitter cocoa powder. I so want to make some salted truffles with this chocolate, or at least rework it to be a fleur de sel bar. I absolutely love it. Aside from their blend bar that uses these Uganda beans, I can’t think of any other bar that tastes similar to this. It’s that unique.
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P.S. Even though this bar tastes so much like a saltine cracker, we don’t recommend using it as a substitute in your tomato basil soup.

Emily Koons