Francios Pralus Cuba 75%

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Francios Pralus out of France are known for their really creamy and smooth chocolate as well as their long, deep roasts of their beans. They offer a whopping 19 varieties of chocolate bars from all over the world and even own a plantation in Madagascar.

This bar smells of hay and grass fields, but that surprisingly doesn’t come through very much in the taste. Instead, it has a deep roast with a rich chocolatey brownie flavor and slight hints of licorice and hazelnut. Subtle pops of peppery heat hit the back of my throat which I’m intrigued by as it’s something I’ve never experienced in chocolate without the added pepper.

I quite enjoy this bar as it’s thick, rich, and comforting. Regarding the texture, this is the most smooth and melty chocolate I’ve ever had which I’m guessing is due to the added soy lecithin. If they could achieve the same consistency without it, I would be impressed.

It will probably take me at least a year to try all of the bars they offer, but I am looking forward to it.

If you’re ever in France they have nearly a dozen stores with their chocolates and world renowned pastries available for sale. If price isn’t an issue, you can visit their online store and have their famous La Praluline shipped anywhere in the world. La Praluline is a rich brioche flavored with pieces of pralines, Valencia almonds and Piedmont hazelnuts coated in rose sugar and then cracked. That has nothing to do with chocolate but does sound quite amazing.

Emily Koons