Dick Taylor Vietnam Tien Giang 78%

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Dick Taylor Chocolate from Eureka, California makes organic craft chocolate with only two ingredients: cacao beans and sugar. Before becoming chocolate makers, these guys were carpenters, building furniture, cabinets, and even restoring an old sailboat and sailing it around the coast.

One thing I love about Dick Taylor Chocolate is their packaging. Having no former knowledge, they taught themselves how to letterpress their own labels on an old machine they refurbished themselves. This Vietnam bar looks and feels exceptionally beautiful in my hands.

They recently acquired beans from Marou Chocolate in Vietnam to create this Limited Release. Being big fans of Marou's Tien Giang, we had to snatch up this DT version the second it came out. We recommend getting both and trying them side by side.

This bar screams of honey. That pure, rich, dark local honey you find at the farmers market. Jam made of red fruit with clove or cinnamon are prominent. There is this bright and acidic side to it that I wasn’t expecting because I don’t find that at all with the Marou version. The label suggests notes of spice cake, apricot, and almond butter, but for me, honey is the shining star. The darkness of the 78% fits my taste perfectly, so as it turns out, I really love this chocolate. It exceeded my expectations.

Emily Koons