Solstice Ecuador Camino Verde 70%

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Solstice Chocolate is found in Salt Lake City, Utah where they use premium organic cacao to make their lightly roasted, but bold chocolate. They use biodegradable packaging and are a zero waste facility. Check out our previous week’s photos of our tour with the owner of Solstice, Scott Querry.
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Let me start by saying that these guys make the most functional packaging I’ve ever seen. I can pretty much demolish this bar, completely break it up, make a mess, and still get it back in the package for safe keeping. Brilliantly, they use a bendable top that allows you to reseal the package as far up or down as you want. With no foil or paper to worry about, I find I’m not trying to jam it back in and tape it down like I do with many other bars. Kudos to them for the great invention.

Now for the chocolate! These Ecuadorian cacao beans have been done right. Solstice has really nailed down the roasting to get such a rich and full flavor. This bar starts off with a delicious brownie taste that moves slightly into ripe banana and sweet cream. Camino Verde chocolate has become a favorite for my tasting partner, and he gives a big stamp of approval for the way they’ve done this bar. We think you will too.

A fun side note: After our recent tour of Solstice, Scott let us take home some newly processed Ecuador nibs to try our hand at making our first ever chocolate bar. We don’t own any chocolate machinery yet, so 30 minutes in our food processor and a quick temper, and we had our very own “Solstice” Camino Verde 70%. Other than the extreme grittiness and a really powerful taste, it actually turned out pretty great. We may have a new hobby on our hands. Thanks, Scott!

Emily Koons