Durci Joya Rara 70%

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Being a member of the Utah Chocolate Society has many perks. One of them being that we get to become friends with some of the best bean to bar chocolate makers in the world. Eric Durtschi of Durci Chocolate is a brilliant mind. He has to be one of the most innovative, adventurous, scientific, and passionate chocolate makers in the industry. From visiting the farms and teaching proper cacao fermentation techniques, to building and inventing his own machines that make chocolate in new ways. Durci is one of my favorite chocolates right now because it is so full of flavor and is entirely unique.
Joya Rara, meaning “Rare Jewel”, comes from the Marañon river valley in the Andes mountains of Peru. It is composed of roughly 40% white beans that give it that characteristic light orange-brown color and a taste that is slightly sweeter than most cocoa beans. Marañon cacao is one of the harder beans to work with, and hard to get right, but in my opinion, this one has been perfected.
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This Limited Edition bar is remarkably floral with different nectar types exploding in my mouth. Bold and perfumed, it is also reminiscent of green banana, apricot, and peanut. When I tasted this previously with other bars I was sure I was eating a ripe banana and drinking some flowered tea.
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The silvery black & white art of this packaging is stunning. The explorer print on the bar embodies what Durci is all about, adventure. I’m a musician, so to me, this looks and opens just like some of my albums do, which I think sets it apart from the standard, and makes it a little more Rock n’ Roll. Just like the taste.
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Soon we will post our tour of Eric’s facility that houses both his companies, Crio Bru and Durci Chocolate. We are looking forward to sharing those with you.

Emily Koons