Fruition Hispaniola 68%

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At Utah Chocolate Society we have spent the last 3 months pairing 64 bars against each other in a blind taste test. Each pairing becoming more difficult than the last to decide which to vote for. We recently had a party to celebrate the Society’s 6 Year Anniversary and to vote on the final two bars. Those being Cacao Sampaka’s Xoconusco and the winner, Fruition Hispaniola. I thought it would be fitting to review the winning bar prior to posting our party photos.
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Fruition is a small batch bean-to-bar chocolate workshop located in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Owner and Pastry Chef, Bryan Graham, hand signs the back of each bar with the batch number, adding a nice personal touch.
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A blend of Dominican Cacao, this bar is very smooth and bright. It’s fruity, with berry and stone fruits coming to mind; switching between apricot, cherry, and raspberry. After another tasting, I find a buttery marshmallow and vanilla component as well. This bar is a crowd pleaser. It definitely has all the qualities to impress chocolate beginners and connoisseurs alike.
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Congratulations to Fruition Hispaniola for being the Utah Chocolate Society Tournament winner. Our party was hosted at Caputo's Market and housed all the major Utah Chocolate Makers. We shared dozens of amazing desserts and had many cheese & chocolate pairings; so keep your eye out for those photos next week.

Emily Koons