Ritual Belize 75%

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If you haven’t already seen our feature and photos of Ritual Chocolate’s awesome factory & cafe, go back a review and get familiar with these great chocolate makers and what they do.

As you can tell, Ritual has nailed the art of packaging with their geometric shapes, the silver lines that pop in the light, and the many details that pay homage to their home in the Utah mountains.

Just recently we reviewed a Belize bar from Dick Taylor, so it’s fun to find the similarities and differences between the two.

Ritual’s Belize is equally delicious, but far brighter and much more roasted. The cherry that comes through is more tart than overripe. It’s slightly nutty and figgy - a word I think I just invented. It’s smooth, which is impressive for a bar that has no added cocoa butter or soy lecithin.

Emily Koons