Solstice Chocolate Factory Tour

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We recently toured Solstice Chocolate with the jolliest of all men, owner Scott Querry.

Scott graciously let us roast our own beans and scoop up a bagful of brand new winnowed Ecuador nibs to take home. Later, we made our own bar at home in our food processor. Not quite the same but it was a lot of fun and pretty tasty!

As you can see, there is pure joy on the faces of Dayton and Utah Chocolate Society President, Brian, as they finish their spoonful of Solstice Uganda straight from the grinder.

Scott pulled this big block of untempered chocolate onto the table and said “Want to try my new Bolivia? I haven’t even had it myself yet - let’s see if it’s good.” And it was SO good. Barbecue flavored chocolate- turns out it’s delicious.

Some of their newest additions worth snagging are Solstice Drinking Chocolate and Sweet Nibs.

Thanks again to Solstice Chocolate for the great time, hospitality, and for getting tacos with us afterward. You guys are great!

Emily Koons