Omnom Tanzania 70%

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Omnom Chocolate is located in one of the most beautiful and creative places on earth, my dream vacation, Iceland.

Due to my obsession with geometric shapes, Omnom won me over in an instant. It was a couple years ago that I saw their chocolate displayed at a local grocery store and I immediately wanted every bar. That’s powerful marketing right there. Every layer of the opening process is a new surprise, starting with thick card stock that unfolds akin to origami and doubles as a serving tray for sharing. This is the first chocolate I’ve seen with custom printed foil, and the unique mold they use makes it fun to try and break the chocolate perfectly.

This bar is the newest addition to the Omnom family, and while it’s not the smoothest or most surprising I’ve ever had, it is really good.

First off, it smells exceptional. It’s bright, acidic, and fruity. Raisin and honeysuckle are the most dominant flavors I find, with moments of hazelnut and dried cherries. It’s not a wild and crazy bar, but it’s steady and reliable. We are so looking forward to getting familiar with their full line of chocolate.

Emily Koons