Ritual Chocolate Factory & Cafe

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We recently spent some time with Ritual Chocolate at their amazing Factory and Cafe in the beautiful Park City, Utah.

Ritual was founded in 2010 by Robbie Stout and Anna Davies. They handcraft small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate with just two ingredients: carefully selected cacao and cane sugar.

Their cafe offers shots of single origin sipping chocolate, hot chocolate, espressos, chili, and chocolate granola, to name a few.

We opted for a large cup of hot chocolate and enjoyed the delightful cafe atmosphere amidst the snowy Park City mountains. It was REALLY good.

Ritual offers a wide selection of clothing, mugs, books, and of course, all their beautiful bars.

Their space is absolutely darling, comfortable, and so worthy of dozens of photos.

Head Chocolate Maker, Will, gave us a lovely tour of the factory and graciously let us try all of their varieties of chocolate. We plan to visit many times.

Emily Koons