Omnom Spiced White + Caramel

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These Icelandic chocolate makers have created the tradition of releasing a new Winter bar every year. Lucky for us we have them all, including the 2016 Spiced White + Caramel. Our holidays just got a whole lot better! Freshly grated orange peel, cinnamon, and malt are highlighted in a white chocolate and Icelandic milk base. The bar is then topped with salty and buttery house-made caramel pieces. The result is a delightfully spiced bar that achieves both a creamy and crunchy texture.
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Omnom has said, “We decided to make a chocolate that reminds us of our childhood, something that could warm us up during our cold winter nights.” The malty, orange flavors are inspired by a popular Icelandic soft drink enjoyed around Christmas time which is made by mixing two sodas, Appelsín and Maltextrakt.
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Admittedly I’m not usually a fan of white chocolate but this bar has impressed me. While it falls more under the category of candy, it is very enjoyable and what I would call a binge bar. You know the kind, you just eat it fast and feel the headache later. It tastes and smells similar to a Utah classic, the Creamie - an orange flavored ice cream popsicle. The salted caramel pieces start crunchy and turn chewy once warmed by my mouth. In my opinion, it’s the caramel that ties it all together and makes this bar so successful.

I could see myself enjoying this alongside a warmed cider or even turning it into a fancy hot chocolate. It is the perfect festive treat.

Emily Koons