Ritual Mid Mountain Blend 70%

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The beautiful packaging states “Best enjoyed with a cappuccino after a long bike ride.” We know these chocolate makers and know how serious they are about that statement. In fact, we found them doing that exact thing when we first visited their Park City cafe, sitting down and drinking cappuccinos in all their bike gear. They are serious cyclists with a serious love for coffee and chocolate.

This bar makes us feel at home. It was made in our mountains, bears their name, and inside the package, you can find pictures of the same snowy mountains we have been surrounded by all of our lives. If the cacao beans came from Utah, that would be even more amazing, but we are still waiting on Eric from Durci Chocolate to solve that “small” matter for us. (He's successfully growing cacao trees in Utah)

A blend of all the Ritual origins, this is a delicious melt-in-your-mouth chocolate experience that is bright and burned, even sour. (Maybe the more technical term would be super long-roasted.) It is fruity most of all, blasting my mouth with notes of berries. I taste Belize and Madagascar cacao the most in this batch, with very little Ecuador or Peru. We also have an old version of this bar in their previous packaging that we tried for comparison. I find that it is less bright and not as in-your-face, but I like them equally for different reasons.

Mid Mountain is a 2016 Good Food Awards winner and Gold Medalist at the 2016 Academy of Chocolate Awards. Ritual Chocolate has much to be proud of with their little factory on the hill. One of many reasons to visit Park City, Utah.

Emily Koons