Ritual Chocolate Factory & Cafe

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Let's talk about the time we decided last minute to drive through the colorful autumn canyon to Park City, UT to visit our friends at Ritual Chocolate.

In the beautiful mountains of Park City Utah you will find Ritual Chocolate on Iron Horse Drive.

We perused and drooled over the menu and finally made a decision.

I ordered Ecuador Sipping Chocolate which is pretty much like drinking a liquid chocolate bar. Um yes please!

I may have stuffed my mouth with an experimental Bourbon Cask Aged Ritual bar WHILE drinking the sipping chocolate. Obsessed much?

We discussed old vs new Ritual Chocolate bars in both taste and packaging with Will Oshei, head chocolate maker, and had a fun time all hanging out together.

The atmosphere there is so great and cozy. I wish I lived closer so I could stop in all the time.


Emily Koons