Raaka Lemon Drop & Galangal 66%

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Continuing our review of Raaka's First Nibs subscription for October, we are excited to share our thoughts on this next bar.
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In collaboration with Heatonist, this micro-batch bar is made with Lemon Drop pepper and Galangal. The Lemon Drop is a hot, citrus-like, lemon-flavored pepper which is a popular seasoning pepper in Peru; and galangal is a root that resembles and is related to ginger. I can see why Raaka chose to use these ingredients together as lemon and ginger have always paired well, and this is a fun take on that.
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This chocolate is immediately spicy and tingles my tongue. I would say that it is one giant notch up in spiciness compared to the last bar. It has a delightfully sweet lemon and citrus-like quality without any acidity or brightness. Both bars include cacao from Zorzal, but I don’t taste the same plum notes I did with the Brazilian Starfish, so this one is either too spicy to notice, or the plum notes came from the pepper itself. I’m surprised by the galangal and love it even more than ginger, although they are very similar in taste. It's so very good and I hope you have the opportunity to try it!

Emily Koons