Raaka Brazilian Starfish & Salt 70%

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In collaboration with Heatonist, Raaka has released two new micro-batch bars for this month’s First Nibs subscription.
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Starting with the Brazilian Starfish & Salt: They’ve used these absolutely beautiful organic peppers from Homesweet Homegrown, cacao from Zorzal in the Dominican, and an added touch of Peruvian pink sea salt.
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Unroasted cacao has a distinct smell and taste that I quite enjoy, and Raaka does it right. Upon tasting, I find a new depth of flavor that I had yet to discover with their chocolate previously. This intensity of fruit, almost plum or prune like, overwhelms my palate. Is this the origin or the inclusions playing tricks with my mind? I taste the sweet pepper before I feel the heat. The mild salt pops at the beginning and subsides quickly. The depth of plum lingers until I’m finally hit with heat at the back of my throat. It’s not too spicy but it does have a good kick.
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I would call this one a success and so looking forward to trying the next!

Emily Koons